It’s all about self care

so tonight I will not have the usual Friday night wine. I shall stay on cuppa teas.

I’ll get myself feeling relaxed by hot shower, have a mini manicure n pedicure. Style my hair and use my lotions n potions.

glad it’s payday, but pay could’ve been better. Much better. Trying to get the finances sorted. I’m being more behaved where money is concerned.

My body is tired and my emotional side is feeling a bit battered. I’m doing ok though. Pushing through. Oh yeah bad two job application rejection, I handle them well. Always say their loss 😂

Let’s have a jolly sunny scene

Thinking about me

So in the frame of mind … a lot of people use in differing ways… kinda tired and enough is enough. Them folk are being left in the rear view mirror. Effort where effort is due. Have only taken to my age of 40 years to come to this realisation.

I’m strangely optimistic at the moment even though I’ve faced rejection and messing about. But not anymore. ☺️

Ain’t that funny

When friends who seemingly have it all feel the need to put you down when you’re actually rising.

the friend in question I suspect isn’t all that happy deep down if they’re having to do that. I haven’t got as much in material or monetary ways but yes I’m blessed in others.

there’s something deeply tragic when this happens. I’m a happy upbeat person 99% with the lot I’ve got and never negate anyone on haves and have-nots. Jesus.

said person left a probably unintended derogatory remark on social media which I’m more than happy to keep on there as it says a lot more about them than me.

I’m feeling blessed and folk such as these will not bring me down. Rant over and a nice picture to balance out that negativity. 🙂

Sprouting allium flower with a sprouting baby flower

Pipeline fodder

So investing a little effort and time in sprucing and selling my cv and applying for multiple jobs, all fingers crossed for 🤞approx 5-6 so far. Just need a little positive response to buoy me up a slight.

so any way new cooker is here but not installed. Spent time with my dad. Had a nice indoor meal. Out for another meal Saturday (friends 40th) that’s at pizza express and also Monday it’s our 18th wedding anniversary so it’s cosy romantic day together, plus meal in the evening.

I feel like I want to be a little aloof and awol on social media. Take a hiatus. I’ll reply messenger and check emails for the jobs stuff but that’s it for a while. Certain folk on the fb and insta stratosphere are fucking me off quite frankly.

I’m doing my best not to spend money. Somehow limping through the month on pennies. Finances need an absolute overhaul. Hence searching new job. I haven’t gambled now for a whole month. Shut all that out my life. Hubby still spends a fortune on booze. Don’t seem there’s much I can do about that. Well I won’t drink. I can do that. Won’t drink with him until changes made. Saving money is hard when so much goes on beer every single day. 6/7 pints a day. No nagging from me either. Seem to be one of them exhausted pathetic wives these days that allows it.

Hoping and wishing for change. I’m dissatisfied and itching for something to amaze me, take my mind elsewhere. Spark my interest and ignite my soul. But don’t we all???

But yes there’s things in the pipeline. Plant seeds and see if they grow. 🤔

Doing Ok!

Ticking along just fine. Been doing a little work. A little home stuff. Trying to make new contacts. I got a tattoo.

Been baking. Being more creative in the kitchen and also with art and craft! I’m also growing a lot of seeds and they’re coming on just fine. Need a new cooker so on the hunt for one of them.

Also thinking of new job now. Applied one job but not feeling too confident at the minute. We shall see.

Kids are busy and getting school stuff done and also reigniting play dates and social lives after so much lockdown restriction.

I’m getting some pen friends. A snail mail Facebook group intrigued me. It’ll be cool to get mail from USA, Canada and Zimbabwe.

Determined to make this coming week a productive one. Got loads to do!! Have a good one too. 😁

Went for a very wet walk this morning ☔️😆


I turned up at work. Soon realised I wasn’t meant to be in. Misread rota. Shit lol, I’m in tomorrow

Went to primark instead. Bought a couple of shorts and a vest

think I’ve a cold brilliant 🙄

I am planning on making a wedding anniversary cake 🍰 yay

Today I’m making paella for dinner yum

it’s voting today and I will vote 🗳

I’m gonna get a little tattoo next Monday yay

I’ve been deep cleaning teenage son’s bedroom yuck and also cleaning bathroom n shower room, both much better

productive day ish and apologies for such a boring post! Here’s a perky boost-your-morale pic with words, it’s not even morning I know. Hope your day is more riveting than mine


Yep that’s what I’m doing

today cycled, visited a local beauty spot


Then I’m doing a glow up of an area in the garden.


And now look. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


It needs more work, but I can definitely enjoy this little sun trap spot with an espresso ☕️ 😄 The cat has already shown interest. It is still a bit stig of the dump, but considering spent zero £ and anything house or garden improvement is solely done by me it’s quite good. Hubby isn’t involved or remotely interested in diy or anything like that. 🙄

Silly weather

The storm is stopping any outdoorsy plans

so I’m just gonna dye my hair

bacon panini for lunch

paint my nails black

frame some pictures

do a lot of hoovering (I love hoovering!)

take me vitamins n do my floor exercises

How was your weekend??

love bank holiday weekends when I’m off work. Maximum enjoyment this one travelling out and about

so I did get to see the bluebells

I did get on my fixed bike

I made a really nice cake

let myself rest a bit too.

I do ache from the bike ride and hopefully that’ll be less once the riding is more regular

I fancied getting some odd jobs done but that didn’t happen, I can try over the few days off. But hubby at work so might make a mess of it (hanging pictures n a clock)

need to turn over the compost heap. Tidy up the top of garden patio and make it more nice. Fancy putting a little bistro table up there for my coffee mornings. It’s a lovely sun trap

anyway rest of day consists watching more of snooker final to conclusion (go Murphy) and make a Chinese “fakeaway” for dinner

tomorrow I begin strict diet

also a social media withdrawal for a while

also no more alcohol see if I can go completely sober, don’t drink hardly but wonder if I can go alcohol free

still not spending money too

I’m gonna look after me self care being ramped up and being more healthy cycling is part of that

anyway look at these gorgeous bluebells

Yay for Friday

I’m doing ok today. Prob not good diet wise but I deserve a treat or two, so it’s a Chinese takeaway for us tonight! I feel like some progress has been made this week and a lot of things making me fear covid a lot less.

Getting out more, visiting different places, just being back at work etc. Driving lots of miles again and doing the mundane routine means Normality!!! Wooo who’d think that was something I’d crave?! It’s also a bank holiday so three days off with the family to make some memories and looking out for our well-being.

People around seem happy. Trying to please the kids to improve their mood, encourage them to be more confident with post lockdown life. Re-engage the social lives. I think my 17 year old son will be harder work. I also nudging him gently in direction of a part time job isn’t a bad idea for a few quid.

My weekend goals are to see some bluebells. Get on my rusty bike (that means check tyres n brakes)

also strip paint of stair banister to reseal and regloss. Oh and totally bleach clean the shower as there’s mould ughhhh

What a riveting entry haha. I noticed I have some reader traffic, the odd comment and likes. Well hello thank you and how are you? May your weekend be blessed.

a little meme thing for fun?… I’m a Scorpio ♏️ what are you? Trust me to be murderous 😂