I turned up at work. Soon realised I wasn’t meant to be in. Misread rota. Shit lol, I’m in tomorrow

Went to primark instead. Bought a couple of shorts and a vest

think I’ve a cold brilliant 🙄

I am planning on making a wedding anniversary cake 🍰 yay

Today I’m making paella for dinner yum

it’s voting today and I will vote 🗳

I’m gonna get a little tattoo next Monday yay

I’ve been deep cleaning teenage son’s bedroom yuck and also cleaning bathroom n shower room, both much better

productive day ish and apologies for such a boring post! Here’s a perky boost-your-morale pic with words, it’s not even morning I know. Hope your day is more riveting than mine


Yep that’s what I’m doing

today cycled, visited a local beauty spot


Then I’m doing a glow up of an area in the garden.


And now look. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


It needs more work, but I can definitely enjoy this little sun trap spot with an espresso ☕️ 😄 The cat has already shown interest. It is still a bit stig of the dump, but considering spent zero £ and anything house or garden improvement is solely done by me it’s quite good. Hubby isn’t involved or remotely interested in diy or anything like that. 🙄

Silly weather

The storm is stopping any outdoorsy plans

so I’m just gonna dye my hair

bacon panini for lunch

paint my nails black

frame some pictures

do a lot of hoovering (I love hoovering!)

take me vitamins n do my floor exercises

How was your weekend??

love bank holiday weekends when I’m off work. Maximum enjoyment this one travelling out and about

so I did get to see the bluebells

I did get on my fixed bike

I made a really nice cake

let myself rest a bit too.

I do ache from the bike ride and hopefully that’ll be less once the riding is more regular

I fancied getting some odd jobs done but that didn’t happen, I can try over the few days off. But hubby at work so might make a mess of it (hanging pictures n a clock)

need to turn over the compost heap. Tidy up the top of garden patio and make it more nice. Fancy putting a little bistro table up there for my coffee mornings. It’s a lovely sun trap

anyway rest of day consists watching more of snooker final to conclusion (go Murphy) and make a Chinese “fakeaway” for dinner

tomorrow I begin strict diet

also a social media withdrawal for a while

also no more alcohol see if I can go completely sober, don’t drink hardly but wonder if I can go alcohol free

still not spending money too

I’m gonna look after me self care being ramped up and being more healthy cycling is part of that

anyway look at these gorgeous bluebells

Yay for Friday

I’m doing ok today. Prob not good diet wise but I deserve a treat or two, so it’s a Chinese takeaway for us tonight! I feel like some progress has been made this week and a lot of things making me fear covid a lot less.

Getting out more, visiting different places, just being back at work etc. Driving lots of miles again and doing the mundane routine means Normality!!! Wooo who’d think that was something I’d crave?! It’s also a bank holiday so three days off with the family to make some memories and looking out for our well-being.

People around seem happy. Trying to please the kids to improve their mood, encourage them to be more confident with post lockdown life. Re-engage the social lives. I think my 17 year old son will be harder work. I also nudging him gently in direction of a part time job isn’t a bad idea for a few quid.

My weekend goals are to see some bluebells. Get on my rusty bike (that means check tyres n brakes)

also strip paint of stair banister to reseal and regloss. Oh and totally bleach clean the shower as there’s mould ughhhh

What a riveting entry haha. I noticed I have some reader traffic, the odd comment and likes. Well hello thank you and how are you? May your weekend be blessed.

a little meme thing for fun?… I’m a Scorpio ♏️ what are you? Trust me to be murderous 😂

Spending money

I need to do less of it that is.

I’m too good seeing things, wanting things and purchasing them. So I need to refrain a little. I’m earning less, teenagers get more expensive the older they get, I seem to be limping payday to payday.

So rest of the month gonna be good lol and that’ll be a challenge indeed. I don’t have credit cards or loans luckily. So that’s my goal for now.

The good news today is I’m possibly getting my hours increased and maybe pay increased if the promotion happens. It was meant to before all of the covid uncertainty. Fingers crossed🤞

Below is a purchase I made today with a discount applied so £4.80 for a very cute picnic basket but that’s it now, no more retail therapy lol. Yeah

How’s me?

This diary entry thing is literally only read by me lol. Well that just means I can write what I want. Lots of stuff on my mind. Overthinking and pondering… trying to figure out this thing called life still haha… describe in one word how I feel… let’s say LOST.

Lost is a good way to sum it up in the briefest term. There’s a few golden nuggets in my daily life. Health has to be appreciated. My family and their health is my priority and with gods help it’s great.

a few things I call successes have occurred. Haircuts for the whole family

we went out for a meal. Ate outside but the venue and food were simply amazing. That was just divine.

I have a motivation and it drives me stronger and further energetically some days. Been trying to direct it so, achieve a lot on those good days. Better weather helps a lot. Especially affecting my mood positively.

I need to power my diet better at the mo. I have eaten too well lately. My foodie side has been urging me to indulge. Particularly when I’m more unhappy than usual.

money is an issue as I spend more than I work. It’s an adjustment I struggle with. But the great news I have banned myself from dabbling on silly spin/bingo sites. Yay for any pride and achievements. Whoop 🙌

But you know the most important realisation lately has been I don’t need people, well certain people. Thinking I do well without, I’m super strong 💪 get on, get over and don’t give a fuck about the shitbags who float around your life when it suits! So an extra yayyy for that. I’m 40 and solid and stable and self assured YAASSSS 😀

If you’re reading please leave a wee calling card, comment, reply, just say hi, and if you’re like me struggling know you can overcome hurdles and speaking shit out even if to yourself is powerful 💪

Pic for some humour 😂

Fast forward

Time’s going quick.

Like really quick. Before we know it’ll be May. Some normality brings me joy, filling up the calendar with a few plans and things.

brows appointment


see grandad

date night

and also just being able to go back to work. Living fairly as I would, masked up, but not letting the fear of covid destroy living. I recently saw a friend socially distanced in his garden with a bbq.

I’m feeling fairly, there’s a few things I want to sort. Got so many projects in my brain, that’s nothing new. Wish me luck to get them into action!

I’m ok

Feeling ok. Work is fine. Shop opens next wk like all nonessential in the uk 12th April is the day!

Still half term. It’s been super cold too so although desperate to do stuff like going out, do some gardening and decorating I have no mojo when the temp is like -2.

I’m trying to motivate myself a bit though, hard as it is at the moment. Feel like I need a big cuddle or something. Feeling just a tiny bit run down. I’m going to warm the house up and get dinner on early lol. Will be nice for hubby when he gets home. ❤️ Also chat with my eldest daughter. Her mental health suffered a lot over this year, talking seems to be helping a bit. She’s a good girl.

How beautiful is the local park looking right now? Don’t be fooled by the sunny appearance, it was deathly arctic 🥶 I am trying to add a positive picture in every post I do. Let me know if you stop by? I have no readers 😂

Finding positives

Ok had heart to heart with husband. Seems a bit better speaking out and he seems to be understanding but I’m staying wary for now.

A positive is that I’ve returned to work. It feels great actually. I do have less home time though so house jobs seem to get pushed back a bit and the energy isn’t so abundant but I’m determined to get a few jobs ticked off at the weekend.

I want to get the fence and gate painted. Also have a few plants to stick out. I have plans for the garden. Love getting excited about anything to do with the house and garden especially when spring and summer are in clear sight.

I bought a few little bits and pieces today.

And then here’s a few things I managed to get for FREE (from my work)